Paola Cabutti


terracotta: BORDERLAND terracotta: BORDERLAND terracotta: BORDERLAND terracotta: BORDERLAND

Terracotta - glass

Firing: singlefiring

Colouring: acrylics

Dimensions: 48 x 44 x 41

Year: 2013

Maybe it is when we put on the glasses of meaning and understanding or maybe it is simply just a short circuit.

Maybe it is something like a broken and cut Ariadne’s thread.

It is the room for our crazy, mad, mocking and quizzical freedom.

There is an old song by the great Vinicio Capossela that I feel very close to my understanding of things, so I will let him tell the tale of this lost hen of mine:


“I kissed death right on the mouth, darling

and now I can’t look at you in the eye anymore

not even touch you

I wanted to be more clever,

more clever than the cards I’m holding in my hands

but you can’t play tricks on tricks,

on jokes or on fire

out, yes we live and we are out

really out

we fear going


away from men

away from the sky

away from

I can’t even think it to be true, real, possible …”


Fatalità – Camera a sud

Vinicio Capossela

Versione italiana

artista Paola Cabutti